PASTOR RON: Hi everyone. This sermon is for the people of Anaheim Baptist Church and for anyone else that would like to watch it. Due to the Corona Virus, we can’t meet publically so this is our virtual service. We have been doing a series on the Life of ChristContinue Reading

This teaching is part of a series called the Biography of Jesus Christ. We are now down to the final week of Christ’s earthly life — passion week. This message focuses on Monday. A fig tree is cursed. A Temple is cleansed. And people are shown that judgment will fallContinue Reading

3/18/2020 Dear ABF Family, Last Sunday we spent time as a congregation praying specifically about the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.* I was blessed by the sentiment of many that we continue our services during this period. I appreciate the desire to not “forsake the assembling of ourselves together” and the factContinue Reading

In our Sunday morning series on the Life of Christ, we recently looked at Christ’s temptation in the wilderness and what it teaches us about how we can deal with temptation. Below is a video filled with helpful Scriptures. We hope it is helpful.Continue Reading

On Sunday mornings we are currently studying the life of Jesus Christ. Our source material is the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In our videos section, you will find 2 videos that explain the nature of the gospels and the uniqueness of each.Continue Reading