Sunday Sermon 3/29/20

PASTOR RON: Hi everyone. This sermon is for the people of Anaheim Baptist Church and for anyone else that would like to watch it. Due to the Corona Virus, we can’t meet publically so this is our virtual service. We have been doing a series on the Life of Christ and I will continue it this week, but today I would also like to start a new series called, “EVEN WHEN: The Unnatural Choices that lead to Supernatural Peace.” Taken from Philippians 4, it will help those dealing with the anxiety of our current health crisis and all other emotional hardships. So keep an eye on this page and our website for continuing messages in both series.

And let me also announce we are going to have a “Drive-In Easter Service” where you will get to stay in your cars and listen via your FM radio. So please plan on coming!

After listening to the sermon, please watch this music video.

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