Our Goal

Our goal is to be reaching up to God and out to others.

We reach up to God to in search of a deep intimate connection with Him… an eternal relationship. Jesus died on the cross so that your sins (the big barrier between you and God!) could be forgiven and washed away. By accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, you are “saved” and adopted into God’s family.

The free book, The Perfect Gift, is free for you to download. It will explain how you can began this forever friendship with God.

We reach out to others in two ways. We reach out to other believers with the goalĀ of building them up in their faith. At ABF they are given encouragement, fellowship and training in God’s Word. We reach out to everyone one else with the hope that we can bring them to faith. We know your spiritual journey is personal and we won’t ever apply pressure, but as ones who have had the joy of already coming to Christ, we are here to answer your questions and give you guidance from the Bible.